150 Year,s Celebration at La Martiniere Girls’ College Lucknow


    To give the visiting alumni an authentic experience of reliving their time in school, a special assembly was conducted by the staff and students of La Martiniere Girls’ College on the 25th November, 2019. The assembly commenced with an address by the Principal, Mrs. Aashrita Dass, followed by melodious hymns sung by the College choir. Bible readings and prayers for the La Martiniere Colleges and alumni were lead by the heads of departments including Mrs. Linda Sadiq, Mrs. A. M. Cooke, Mrs. S. Cooke, Mrs. M. B. Franklin and LMGAA Secretary, Mrs. Ila Kapoor. Reverend Moses shared the word of God, calling everyone to take a step of faith and allowing God to guide us. He in his faithfulness has brought this institution thus far. The head girl of the school, Nooria Fatima, shared with the audience the thought of the day.

    The Principal thanked the Lord for all his blessings and acknowledged the contribution of its founder, Principals and teachers who have been an inspiration to many generations of Martinians. A film spanning the history and development of the College left the audience overwhelmed. The strong bond of love for their Alma Mater and revered teachers left many teary eyed.


    Another part of the 150 years celebrations at La Martiniere Girls’ College was an organized guided campus tour on the 25th of November, 2019. This was a highly sought after event with many alumni booking tickets well in advance. The tour took the alumni down old paths renewed over time. The structured walk followed 4 different routes encompassing the main attractions of the campus including the Khursheed Manzil, Preparatory Department, Junior, Middle and Senior Schools, the old Auditorium, the newly inaugurated Farida Abraham Memorial Auditorium, the new all-weather swimming pool and the games field and courts. Commencing from the Principal’s Lawns, the tour was guided by experienced staff members and selective students from classes 11 and 12 who shared pertinent information and anecdotes while listening to stories shared by the alumni.


    The Children’s Evening Fete, on the 25th of November, was the only event that had every current member of the school present in the same place at the same time. The fete had been bustling with activity all evening. The children had made items such as lampshades, fridge magnets, coasters and various other utility items out of recycled articles like old floppies, wool, dupattas and balloons. These items were put up for sale by their respective teachers, the proceeds from which went to various social causes. The beautiful items in vibrant colours caught the eye of a lot of customers.

    The delicious food present at the fete served to satiate the hunger of the children, who were tired after having enjoyed themselves at the different games stalls such as ‘Pin-the-Moustache’, ‘Roll the dice’ and ‘Spin the Wheel’. The delicacies included Kebab Paratha, mouth-watering Maggi and Paani Puri. It was an extremely fun filled evening that added life and vigour to the much awaited Sesquicentennial celebrations at La Martiniere Girls’ College.



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